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A.N.B. Trade d.o.o. Presents Itself

A.N.B. Trade d.o.o. with its business policy cares for performing placed orders at the highest level possible. In Slovenia the company is located directly at regional road Celje-Maribor. With its spatial, technical and staff capacities it is capable of accommodating many criteria and wishes.


Stranice, Slovenia, Europe, World

The company is mostly marketed in Slovenia. Service of storage and cold chain transportation operates in Slovenia only, while the company in the area of intermediation also exercises in Europe and wider.


A.N.B. Trade d.o.o. cares about the quality of services at all levels of business. So the whole process of transportation and storage is guided by the requirements of internal and external standards that guarantee the execution of the process in accordance with the requirements. The management of the company is inextricably connected with the policy of sustainable development and respect for technical and environmental standards. So the company operates in accordance with the acquired certificate ISO 9001:2010.

In medicine transportation the company cares for validation and regular control of temperature measuring devices. Calibrations of devices and vehicles are done by professional institutions, which issue reports of calibration. Slovenian accreditation is the signing party of the mutual recognition of accreditations agreement and also of the international accreditation organization for laboratories (ILAC) in the area of testing and calibration laboratories.


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