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  • 17. 1. 2017
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A.N.B. Trade d.o.o. successfully operates in the needs of public administration, as well as in general marketing area in Slovenia. In the segment of intermediation services it is strongly expanding outside the Slovenian market. In Slovenia the company has many years of experience at executing services for individual sectors of public administration such as health, interior affairs and justice. So the company with its constant activity and the confidence of business partners is successfully operating from 1992, when it was founded and registered at district court in Celje.
  • 5. 12. 2016
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When the vehicle stays in one place for a while it is common for the battery to run low on energy. In that case professional car battery boosters ANB are necessary. Boosters are made of a compact housing and a durable battery, that when plugged into an electrical outlet automatically maintains itself. ANB PPS-18 Voltage: 12V Inrush current: 250A Peak current: 1.400 A.z Battery: 12V / 14Ah Charging speed: 0,5Ah  ANB PPS-30 Voltage: 12V Inrush current: 1150A Peak current: 3.500 A.z Battery: 12V / 23Ah Charging speed: 1,5Ah
Lifts are built in the ground of the workshop and allow us smooth use of the workshop when the lifts are not in use. Lifts allow us to lift vehicles that weigh up to 3 tons. While the vehicle is lifted, inspections or mechanical works can be done under the vehicle. For operating in the EU area, the lift has a necessary CE certificate. Lifting height is 1.700 mm, which is achieved in around 60 seconds. The lift is executed by a hydraulic pump, any unwanted descent is prevented by compressed air.


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A.N.B. Trade d.o.o. Presents Itself
A.N.B. Trade d.o.o. with its business policy cares for performing placed orders at the highest level possible. In Slovenia the company is located directly at regional road Celje-Maribor. With its spatial, technical and staff capacities it is capable of accommodating many criteria and wishes. INTERNATIONAL PRESSENCE Stranice, Slovenia, Europe, World The company is mostly marketed in Slovenia. Service of storage and cold chain transportation operates in Slovenia only, while the company in the area of intermediation also exercises in Europe and wider. QUALITY A.N.B. Trade d.o.o. cares about the quality of services at all levels of business. So the whole process of transportation and storage is guided by the requirements of internal and external standards that guarantee the execution of the process in accordance with the requirements. The management of the company is inextricably connected with the policy of sustainable development and respect for technical and environmental standards. So the company operates in accordance with the acquired certificate ISO 9001:2010. In medicine transportation the company cares for validation and regular control of temperature measuring devices. Calibrations of devices and vehicles are done by [...]
Within the warehouse there is a modern and quality fitted mechanical workshop for vehicle inspection and control. Inside the workshop sufficient technical and good illumination conditions for precise and professional inspections of vehicles and items are ensured. The workshop as a separate facility allows a safe and if necessary, sealed storage site for temporary storing important and secured items.
For medicine transport or object storage we take care of all supporting documentation, which is kept and archived at the company for at least ten years. Every document is carefully secured and can be kept in classic written or electronic form. At vehicle or object admission a collection record for each object is made, containing every detail concerning the condition of the item. Every item is also photographed, and the photos are safely stored along with the rest of the documentation. With all this we ensure our clients careful and precise traceability, storage and confidentiality of the whole documentation.
  • 28. 11. 2016
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We offer storage, preservation and winter-storage of holiday vehicles – RVs, caravans, boats and motorcicles in a covered and secured space. Stored vehicles are under technical security and video surveillance 24 hours a day, and are also insured by an insurance company against all risks. At storage we offer all the necessary services: -Picking the vehicle up from any location to the warehouse -Delivering the vehicle from the warehouse to any location -External and internal cleaning -Providing with electrical current -Maintenance of batteries and accumulators -Proper handling and maintenance of tyres -Smaller service repair
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